Core Technology

Facare focus on 4 core technologies – Medical Electronics, Biochemistry, Photometry and Software Programming. We utilize our core technologies to develop products in Diagnostics, Home Care, Professional Instrument and Telehealth.

Medical Electronics

Based on the advanced electronics and IT capability, Facare develops minimized and user-friendly medical devices.


Facare provides accurate quantitative results in terms of test strips and cartridges for bio-signal detection.


Facare employs Photometric technology to develop devices for qualitative and quantitative measurement.

Software Programming

Facare develops the vertical software integration to link personal health data with smart phone application and telehealth system.


Cutting Edge Technology


XPER, golden coating and laser engraving combine with 2+2 bio signal are the techniques to perform the stability, accuracy and measurement results.

  • Enzyme: GDH-FAD
  • Sample size: 0.5 μL
  • Reaction time: 5 seconds
  • HTC range: 0 % – 70 %
  • Glucose range: 10 – 800 mg/dL

EF ( Electricity Fractionation ) technology utilize the negative charge characteristic on cell surface to separate blood cells from plasma for further estimation of hematocrit value.


TaiDoc has developed 5 generations of test strip with different level and fulfils the accuracy requirements of ISO 15197 : 2013 & EN ISO 15197 : 2015.